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Ep.15 - When will events happen again?

July 20, 2020 BellaNetworking Podcast
BellaNetworking Podcast
Ep.15 - When will events happen again?
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Why listen to Episode15 - When will events happen again?
In this podcast episode, I share tips to get your prepared for you first networking event post-coronavirus? My 12 years networking expertise will help you improve your networking skills to; Turn coffee into coffee. Listen to this episode to the end as I exclusively share how to network online like pro for next 👩‍💻zoom networking events!

QUOTE FROM; Bella Networking Guru.....  "During these difficult times of uncertainty, it is more important to increase your networking efforts to attract high value new relationships to drive quality referrals"

UK government made an coronavirus (COVID-19) announcement on 31 July 2020
We are stopping the pilots testing the return of crowds to sporting and performing arts events. This means planned pilots at venues and concerts and business events will not go ahead.

🤔Are you wondering about live events?
🗣When will music venues and clubs reopen and what will gigs be like post-lockdown?
Expert Journalist and commissioning editor, Jochan Embley, shares a very usful article in the standard, here.

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